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Yo Brother glad to see us back up and running...I will have to dig around and check out the new format.
Hey, I was wondering if there might be an eta on when everything is gonna be back in line?
Thanks for stoppin' by man, appreciate your comments:joint_rolling:
Thanks for stopping by Wyld

And let me know if you need any specific info or questions about LEDs I always got time bro
Depending on the nutrients brand you may need to use equal parts of both Grow and Bloom during flpwering. If this nutrient system is one part for veg and one bloom than just use bloom and your Bud Candy during flowering. I would say if you can get some Big Bud as well.
Should I mix bloom with a littlt bit of grow for the next 3 days of finale veg, than straight bloom starting flower.
Getting ready to go into flower come sat. Quick question, I'm going to be using budcandy, but my setup came from stealth hydro, it came with a ph up, ph down, grow, and bloom . Can I mix bloom with budcandy for flowing. 5g.
You should be fine spraying them. Just be careful during later stages of flowering due to risk of mold getting into the buds. Plus when spraying it don't get any on a hot bulb because it can explode. Do it when the light is cool or just be careful where you spray. :) Hope that helps.
Gotta a question, I'm growing blue misty from royal queen, a strain called toxic, which came from.a company called ripper seed. It's ripper haze and criminal +. But during flower I'ma be using budcandy along with some extracts like cotton candy and blueberry. Would it hurt da plant if I was to mix it in a, spray bottle and spray them 2, times a wk. Let me know on what you would do different.
I need medcann 2 live! pharma optns wld kill me. degen spine disease. 50 y/o disabled frmr rest G M, morph pump in my body, & endured 13 surg. was bdrddn 4 ~ 3 years & lost < 70 pounds. a hosp nurse recmndd I try cannabis–she saved my life. 2day, because of med cann, I have renewed vigor 4 life & evre day I accomplish goals my drs thght I’d never do. Rther than going throu my days in a med stupor, I’m once again a loving & dvoted fam man & father. Since the day I was able 2 get out of hosp bed, I strtd advctng 4 the med bene's. 1st few yrs, I had more doors slammed N my face than U cld imagine. As my health improved over the years, I have become more active in educ Reps in Ill & been trying 2 organize pts N2 effctve lobbying force. We have made GRT progress & R veryclose2getting legislation passed. That sd, this is IL, & we fear R state's rep 4 < "above the board" ops cld neg effect not only implmtashun but safe aXess, thx Mike Graham
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