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  • Hey, I was wondering if there might be an eta on when everything is gonna be back in line?
    you need nitrogen in your plant. grab some N rich nutes or maybe some cal mag and you should be good make sure to PH properly
    im a new grower and the blue cheese i have seems not to to be sick or nothing but the leaves are turnin yellow can u help?
    Yoo nuggs seeing if you got my message about my phone videos not uploading. It has a red box by it when i try to get it on the site. Any help? Or no vids? I think it was an mp4 format. Werd.
    Hey I'm new to growing and I'm trying to grow 3 or 4 in my closet . Must I have a grow tent or can I do it with out 1 don't have too much money to spend on this I'm trying to be very money conservative. what type of the lighting should I use for my closet I'm trying to get the biggest yield out of 3 or 4 plant how would I go about this what do you say the best soil is what is fluorescent lights be okay to use in my closet or should I use h p s lite
    I'll check the orders this week. We're gonna send all the orders we have gotten this past week. I'll pm you on tues.
    Hey what happened to the OGG site?? I recently ordered and am awaiting shipment. Paid with money order. PM me when you can good sir :)
    any time bro the shows are top notch and funny as hell bro love them so does my wife
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