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  • Werd bro... Sorta figured that would happen, lol... We had similar 'fine print' at that other place. No worries, though. The Edge works fine. :)

    Have a good one, homie. :D
    Thanks for checkin it out, and for the kind words, bro.

    Haha gotta love that small print. Having been a SM on another board, I know alllll about those little technicalities. So no worries if it can't be done.

    Have a good one, homie. :)

    EDIT: Thanks for the rep, too. :D
    Hey dude... That mushroom journal is up and running in case you wanted to check it out... There seems to be a good amount of interest. If enough people expressed interest, would it be possible to maybe add a subforum for fungus grows? Or would they be best just left in the edge, or grow journals?
    Just checked how much 4SD pollen I got left .. Turns out all that weed smoking fucked my memory .. Not a whole lot but your welcome to it .. Im sure its enough to paint a few bud sites from each .. But its just a dusting inside the film canisters .. Guess I used a lot this summer lol
    Just wanted to say it's been nice chatting with you about those boomers... Always a pleasure to meet someone who shares similar views about tripping.

    Stay up brudda. :D
    been savin that scissor hash up bro...and my trim..from the last four harvests...I got all kinda cooking chocolate and rice crispies and sugar and marshmallows and butter....
    That scissor hash is a collection for a serious celebration...its just gooey hair balls
    ya usually its one that ends in !? but i wasnt trying to be an ass lol
    like..the hell you say!? or you know what i mean man!?
    thats what i was gettin at..
    i cant say for sure dude its been a spell since i grew some nirvana stock out , thats why i bought some..see if that bluemystics still got it..if it has that uber flav it used to..
    i'll cross it up with a widow or something really powrfull and try to find the flav /power crossed phenos ..
    get it back to par lol
    dude i wasnt thinkin at the time either, LBH was growin fems..
    i was thinkin reg stock..lol
    cheers dude and thanx NL your cool dude that speaks freely..i resect you man!
    and thanx for the koolbloom info to btw lol..thats what i figured just forgot to look while i was at the dro store last time i made that drive..i'll just use the liquid cheers
    hey dude thanx for the rep NL..
    my flow rate is 15 min about half way through the lights on period..
    once a day..
    its because i'm runnin with no perlite i think man, not draining enough..just staying sopping wet ..
    locking out phos..the mag has about cleared up..now its the phos..
    seems like there gettin to much water to me..lettin them start to dry then hygrozyme them. fix all the dead root matter and pullem out there funk i hope..
    Ok cool. No worries always glad to help out when I can. I am pretty much here all the time as you know. lol. :D
    Ok its there now. Wont let me post a thread though. Says I dont have permission. It is there though just no thread in it.
    Either I am super high or I cant find it. lol. You meant the section on the forum and not the group right? And I cant find your thread now :confused:
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