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Tea brewing 101


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Mar 12, 2012
Hi everyone. I wanted to start a thread for everyone to share their favorite organic soil recipes and tea recipes. Here are my recipes for different teas. Feel free to post yours. :wave:

ACT tea:
5 cups compost
5 cups worm castings
1 cup molasses
5 gallons of water

For this tea you need an air bubbler to add oxygen to the water. Let bubble for 2-3 days before using 3 cups per gallon of water. This stimulates benefical bacterial and fungal growth in the soil, and those bacteria brake down the amendments in your soil to feed your plants. In an organic garden you feed the soil, not the plants. Use this tea every few weeks.

Vegetative tea:
2 cups worm castings
1 cup kelp meal
1 cup high n bat guano
1/2 cup alfalfa meal
1/2 cup molasses
5 gallons water

Let sit for 4-7 days then dilute to 3 cups per gallon of water. Use every other watering

Veg tea 2 (aka fishy tea)
5 tbs fish emulsions
5 tbs molasses
5 gallons water

This tea is great for an extra shot of N for yellowing plants. The first veg tea is more of a balanced diet for the plants. I personally like to alternate using veg tea 1 &2 and the act tea during veg.

Flowering tea (aka mjmama's sweet tea)

1 cup high P bat guano
1 cup worm castings
1/2 cup kelp
1/2 alfalfa
2 cup molasses

Let sit 4-7 days then dilute to 3 cups per gallon of water. Use every other watering.

Flushing tea

1 tbs molasses per gallon of water. Use every other watering for the last two weeks before harvest.


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Nov 16, 2011
Damn Mjmama, your posts always rock. So far since you joined up I've learned how to neem spray plants, make tea, and have followed your outdoor journal to super inspiration! Thanks again.


I'm Banned
Aug 28, 2012
Awesome recipes Mjmama. I will have to try them out soon.


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Apr 17, 2013
I feed my plants with a full tea feed program. I run a lot of earth juice products. I use a one gallon paint strainer bag, fill half way with organic soil that contains earth worm castings, humus, and microrhizae. I make a crater in the soil, and add my things..ej's rooters microrhizae, ej's bat guano, sea kelp, all in powder form put in the strainer bag at 2Tbsp each but varies throughout. I close the bag trying to keep the goodies in thecenter of my tea bag. I submerge the bag in ten gallons of water(to start but varies as well) and give the bag a little squeeze and suspend it over the bubble stone (larger better..but there are limits). This is when I add the liquids, humic acid, ej's catalyst, fox farm bush doctor, Cal mag, ej's sugars peak. I let this bubble one day usually, depending on temps in the Cali summer heat I do it 12 hours over night. for the last hour I put in my molasses. I want there to be bubbles on top, but not foam. I add ten gallons of water (well) to my brew, and apply right onto my plants(while in veg and transition). All of the fluids I add I do like grandmas cooking, i've been at it a while and put it in the bucket, I mix it at a relative grade considering ppm.. The bacterias I use I use less of then a recommended soil feed because the they will multiply greatly, and be added to from the organic soil I started with. my formula stays relatively the same, the nutes change in ratio, and I use a more fungal tea in the mid to late flower using mushroom compost and "Santa's beard" ..
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