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White Widow Man
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    Happy 420 Brother...Hope All is well with you WWM!!!

    Things are Good on The WET Coast...Fishing and sucking on EI!!!

    Have a Great Day and Much Respect Big Guy!!!
    Good to see you around man! Fuck the post count, i want to see some pictures of green coming from your neck of the woods. :D Keep it lit.
    Merry Christmas and Late New Year Thanks for the Merry Christmas, hope your hoilday was good, mine was busy and i been try to set up my new harvest mine last was amazing i enjoyed it tooo much and fell behind. How the Zen Garden im planing on growing poppy for opium now for just pain killler instead of pills and for people that need it. if you know anything about growing it please advance is well needed thank you and hit the bong hard and long for me. PEACE
    WWM, long time no talkie and thank you for the rep!

    I hope you're having a great Christmas up in the great white north. Cheers to ya Bro.
    Fuck off with my infraction from the snake bite .... NL ......
    Hey, ... I told yea two .... So, ..... ... Wait .......

    Yeah, ..... I feel yea two .......
    -------> :D :dance::rastabanana::nana2: So Waldo, Cheech and The Grinch walk into a bar in Kansas...
    HIGH y,all ........

    Seams liker ..... Yea

    What yea think of my Shades, Sisters and Brothers ....... LoOl ........;)
    Hey man whats happnin with you bro...coming down to the wire with the kid download...I guess its looking like the 26th
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