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  • Hey bro. Just wanted to say thanks for the gift. I'm super stoked to get them going. Talk to ya soon.
    Thank you for the rep Vader!! I'm just happy to help as I can. Thinking back 3 years ago I was thinking the same questions and surfed forums for answers. Now I can be that person that is happy to help a fellow grower reach that goal of harvesting that first crop. :)
    Hello, .. .. well is the Sound good Out There .. .. lol .. .. ;) ..

    I know, .. .. .. :)

    See ya bouT my friend .. .. ..
    haha thanx dude real groovey man..hey you guys got me started on that dro..
    couldnt done it without the support bro..thanx and cheers man.
    thanx vader..just gettin started that update gets big! lol got a bunch more up there now ;) thanx dude
    i did good with the canna then lol rock on..
    i am, leaning towards..the dark side..bubble buckets and E&F..
    thanx for the rep dude..
    Was that a good epic or bad epic.You seem like a Star Wars fan....Did you guys ever get any of that Herijuana going?
    I would go with something Star Wars related but you got the best 1...you wanna start a post having a Star Wars collectables battle?I like skulls for some reason---looking back through my family history my great,great,and more greats grandfather was red beard the pirate...maybe thats why.
    :rofl: i havent seen this msg till now... :sign: i got inspired by yer page so I had to get rid of the drab default setting :)
    i caught you...come to my thread and read all about everything my friend...happy friday
    Lol lights go off in an hour gotta get up and tend to the ladies before dark. Excellent looking journal by the way. Really cool to have someone doing some nice breeding as you said, and you definitely know your shit. Keep it green dude.
    Hey man, haha ya she is always on my back.

    I'll take some pictures later on when I got to see them for sure!
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