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  • great grow . i love the name to ,trogdor (instant classic). i'm guesing you like metal . anyway i;ll c ya around.
    Yup i did take that seed list I have two copies now.. I can fax it to you if you want..I am also posting it on here soon..

    Yes it was nice meeting you also..Your shop is very nice,, It will do well!
    ya i dont either, i had a couple people request cuz my thread in the s4 group has pictures in a private album so you cant see em unless yer friends. so now you can see em :D
    what i use, since i work at pizza hut we have alot of soda crates. the blue creats that 2 liter bottles and 20 ounce bottles come in. i have about 8 of those and i place them across the bottom for run off!! they also make good high adjustments for younger plants coming into older grow so you dont have to lower the lights :)

    go behind a pizza hut in your area and see if they have any of the plastic crates i speek of. pepsi and coca cola leave them there. not encouraging stealing but lets just say they have alot of them!
    I grew some "trash" trainwreck/hash plant. wow what a creeper, really enjoyed growing and smoking that plant. late
    I'm still trimming, ha. Getting closer. And I don't have a computer out here. The pics will be posted by Nov 15. That's when I'll be back home in Texas.
    i gonna chill now that i got my 6th rep dot... LOL yeah i was just giving rep everywhere i could to anyone it would let me! LOL

    Vacation huh!!! Must be nice! LOL wait i am on permanent vacation! LMAO!
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