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The Grim Reefer
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  • def man...cheer's..mascot is exactly it..
    i think its his stuff is the great begginers guildliness....if someone were new then its something to get them going..but he has not updated anything much...
    its really about time for a grower to write a real deal todays 2010 version of how its done..
    technology makes it a bitch to keep up..but we need something better than fake hair guy..lol
    grim, thanx dude,that is a good thread i dig all your input dude, you seem to really have ur shit together...got some skills i can tell...good to have folks here like that..

    ya i was a jeorge fan about 13 years ago or so..growin up when he was just gettin in the big time...but growing up on a hort nursery and doing my own grows/breeding, really gave me a different standard to go by..
    that guy kills me, the older i get the more he just seems silly..
    watched a vid once of him making his own makeshift grow, he was hanging a light and chained it up all half assed, then while standing there rampling it fell on his head....classic!
    That sounds like an awesome project man, I wish ya the best of luck with it. Finding a good one for outdoors in that climate might take a while but I'm guessing when you do find the one it's going to be game over. Testing those is going to be a real pleasure for you, I can tell by the interest you have generally that you'll be taking your time & finding ones that meet your specific criteria. Should be fun to watch if you have the chance to document some of it and put it up here.
    You got some c99 bx's, you lucky devil? Saw the sig... glad to hear you're gonna work with the line. What's the goal, f2's or you trying to bx to something in particular?
    Some camera's are just weird like that my friend .. ..

    In my world, .. I always take my time, as the " Big Rush " usually screws *( Some Peeps UP ) .. .. |o| .. ..

    Good chatting with ya Ming, .. I will see ya round .. .. :)
    Nothing worse than unwanted house guests. I call them wanna B, .. Flies .. yea .. ..

    C99 sounds real nice I should take a trip your way, *( I will ) and see some action reefer Dude .. .. :)
    Ya i'm still pretty skeptical myself

    Hydro I didn't have too many ph probs, mine were all rez temps and pump failures, So whiteberry was overhyped huh?

    I hate that, Violaters Kush I have been looking at, looks and sounds dank.
    Ya man my buddy is in a med state, so we became caregivers, bought co2, flood and drain system and 4k, I added 4k more the other day, trying to get a fat chunk so I can retire, somewhere warm...

    Your plans sound super solid man, I assure you guys will love hydro, I do, even if I don't smoke it, growing is so fast, we have been finishing before 8 weeks were up.

    I'll pm ya when I got some good shots,

    I bet you're ready to try all your new strains!
    Sounds killer man...I can't wait to see the plans in action!

    I just got finished with the warehouse grow, which kinda sucked considering what was spent, I dropped 10 and got about 6 back. The personal is killer but the yield is gonna be nothing special, I'll send you some pics, the massacre is Tuesday.
    Haha, needs a hand at the beach? What, are you guys trying to soak up the sun and bring it back to the plant? :high:
    Haha, I figured it was afternoon there, though I'm not 100% on time zones. I like to wake up to HydroCanna and a nice cuppa coffee. Wake-n-bake if there's not too much to be done.

    GL with the clones. I'm usually inspired by HC to work on my own plants. Which can lead to bad decisions if there isn't anything to do, haha.
    Haha, I just realized that together, you and I dominate the "latest posts" section at the bottom of the front page! I guess nobody's awake at this hour...
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