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  • Hi there stoner a stoned new year to you m8, i'm after a bit of your knoledge i've had 2 turn 2 cold growing 4 the obvious reason(still ilegal here) anyway i'm now 5wks into flower and quite a few leaf changing colour some a lighter green even yellow in the middle of the leaf & others the ends are dying the colas look good plenty crystals n v/stong odour, Do you know how long flower cycle should or would be & will all the little buds flower under CFL's or just the main head as what it looks like unless flowering takes much longer. Hope you can put me rite, Cheers buddy Pan
    Hey Bud, your in box is too full to send you a pm.

    I'm sorry to say I don't have a garden anymore, my landlord was making a surprise visit on Monday and I had to cut all my plants down so he doesn't throw us out before we leave, I think my jackass neighbor fronted me off.
    So where do you go for a beer around here, Joes is fine and I like the owner but one of the bartenders pissed me off once, Henflings is close too and of course there is always grab and go to the park? I can't smoke though, have a piss test coming up but I can bring an oil sample for ya. Talk to ya soon.
    I would medicate with fresh fish, great music and sake! ( and beer) He loved it there and had best time ever. I don't break laws. No women behind bars and is deff not a COOL place to be.
    Yeah but if you get caught with the herb in Japan, and as a foreigner even..you'd be in deep shit. Japan's weed laws are not anywhere lax like the US and if you think US laws are tough..you surely do not want to know how intolerant Japan is!
    welcome back ! sorry i am a jerk sometimes! i hardly go on here mostly. I too am looking for work, but still smiling. how was japan? A good friend suggest i teach English in Japan. that would be fun.
    I'm still around..jerk! j/k I'm sorry it has been so long..it said like June 21st when you sent me that..Things are okay for me now..Im out of work now though..but I really don't care..the place I worked at closed up..no surprise there..things are getting worse as they say. Now my health is getting worse since I am back from Japan..I was over there for quite a while that is why no one has heard from me in a while..i'm frantically trying to catch up with family friends here back home now that I am back...and getting the "WHERE ARE YOU" lol
    Stoner, sorry for not replying sooner as I just saw this.

    I am a member but I don't go around there much anymore, why ya asking?
    Ok .. ..

    I'll let ya B , .. .. what a shame, .. .. as ..

    were All the same Brother .. .. .. .. .. lol .. ..

    *( I Kid , .. .. INSERT Whoo -- KOOL AID man .. .. ) .. .. .. ..

    LoL, wut? I'm afraid I lost you on that last part, haha. Sorry, I'm a little messed up, atm - so I could just be missing it, lol.
    Hey, what's up?

    See you around a bunch, and you seem mad chill.

    Just wanted to say high, lol. Hope life's treatin ya well. :)
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