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  • Hey woundering if you could help i av been reading ur post on cana coco nuts and u have lost me i am a noob on my 2nd grow useing canna a+b cannaboost pk 13/14 and cannzy and now i am really confused on to when and how much you use in ml and what weeks i have just started flowering today my plants are looking really healthy i am growing 14 plants under 3 600watt hps lights all about a foot tall and in 30 liter pots room temp is 25 degrees and 20 at night the problem is i just need some 1 to tell me when to use the cana co co line and how much i need it to be simple as it all confuseing to me i will learn in time but at the cost of the nuts and how much everything cost me its not helpin my pocket if everything goes to shit cause ive used the nuts at the rong time or i havent used the right amount just a a guideline i need witch works grate with them and gets a good yeild i am willing to buy other stuff to help my buds thank u
    Whatup man. I hate when people send friend requests and i don't know them or they just signed up as well :) Hope you found a new place to setup the gear again.
    Snow, been trying to give ya some rep points but HC keeps telling me to spread more around, not that is matter but I'll getcha some soon!
    Hey Snow, thanks for the rep, hell no I don't understand him.....LOL....hey nice message from nuggs, you deserve it!!! :rspkt:
    Deathstar | Full Spectrum Labs

    22% thc on the deathstar i smoke. lucky on those free jedi kush man super jealous!!!!
    I hope I didn't mess W/ Ya 2 Much .. .. .. .. ;) .. ..

    but, .. That's What I do .. ..

    So, .. .. ..


    Let us just Move on , .. .. I gots No problem, .. ..

    Giv er .. .. .. :)

    Seriously, .. n, .. sincerely , .. ..

    White Widow Man .. ..

    *( I never Do that ) .. .. ..
    Nice .I came here from the northwest originally. An Island in the Puget sound. I do love Oregon I go there to ride in the Sand Dunes every year.
    Welcome. Nice to meet another Valley Bro Also If ya shop at Mountain Feed & Farm or eat at Spanky's we must have at least seen each other..I live in B.C.
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