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  • Jobless man...Whats been happnin with you man?Sucks man I got fired a week before Xmas and got a 5 month old now also.
    The spirit of Johnny 5 keeps everything alive :) Good to see you around dude, peace.
    You're welcome homie. With plants like that, it's definitely deserved. Fuck a green thumb, you've got like 2 green hands, lol. Take it easy brotha.
    hey Rustyjay, i just wanted to say thanks for all the help you gave me in my setup and first grow. i couldn't of done it without you. thanks brah.
    im pretty sure this program called malwarebytes gets rid of that virus u have. its free and stuff
    damn, can't believe we went undefeated in division and still didn't make playoffs. we shoulda won vs Arizona, so gay.
    yea man i may be coming out march 12-16. im going to look for some land up north. if i make it out we need to meet up
    Man bro I understand you have had a bunch of changes happen with ya in the past few months man...it will all fall into place for ya before ya know it.Oh dayum....
    its all good dude, i saw the lineage in your journal. yo btw check out grindhouse seeds when you get a chance, some good shit from them and the prices are friendly to us po' folk.
    Yeah man I havent played in a few days but Tater got the nuke on Rust and Smerkage got it on Estate...oh damn.
    Sour Willy sounds interesting. What is it, Sour D x Williams Wonder?
    according to Tom Hill, is in about 5% of the total population of a given batch. So if the breeder makes 10,000 seeds only 500 of them are possibly the "one". Which still doesn't account for the fact you need to know it when you see it or else you'll miss it. Fucked up odds if you only got a 10 pack.
    Ya man, don't sweat posting when you got all you got going on. Life happens! :)
    Glad to hear she's doing well man, it must be a trip. She sounds like a little peanut but before you know it she'll be growing like a weed, running all around like a ball of mercury. Enjoy it man & good luck w/the grows. I haven't forgot about the Haze. :D
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