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Peace Man
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  • Man I am 43 and I still get in too big of a hurry...been growing since I was 15 and you should check out my journal...I just finished redoing my old room into a tester room but cant get anyone to get on board to let a seasoned grower show off there stuff...I am just know fixing to post some picts.
    Hey buddy I know its hard but things are looking good...just patience man...is this your first DWC grow?
    all the shit that you buy or have bought already, just hang on to it in a box if you dont need to use it this run or cant trade it-
    theres always the future bro-
    we'll get ya squared away this week-
    congrats on the little one..and that sux on the plants..i wish u and ur fam well..how long u been growing what kinda set up u use..im a newbe first grow..useing DWC..would love any help u can give me..will post pix every wk my ladies are amnisia..tropical ice..and WWxBB
    Hello ganja gang, finally got home with my first born and have to start from scratch.in the hospital for two weeks! But my daughter has 10 and 10! Thank God! I'm glad I didn't use my good seeds. Hope everyone and there girls are thriving and as always my wife and I, or now I should say, my wife and I and our daughter wish everyone Health, Love, Happiness and of course PEACE!
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