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  • Should I mix bloom with a littlt bit of grow for the next 3 days of finale veg, than straight bloom starting flower.
    Getting ready to go into flower come sat. Quick question, I'm going to be using budcandy, but my setup came from stealth hydro, it came with a ph up, ph down, grow, and bloom . Can I mix bloom with budcandy for flowing. 5g.
    Gotta a question, I'm growing blue misty from royal queen, a strain called toxic, which came from.a company called ripper seed. It's ripper haze and criminal +. But during flower I'ma be using budcandy along with some extracts like cotton candy and blueberry. Would it hurt da plant if I was to mix it in a, spray bottle and spray them 2, times a wk. Let me know on what you would do different.
    im not sure if you read the post after my post or if you will see it i live in lower MI also i live in westland MI i just started alien abduction and wizards potion and my devils tear and merlot are almost finished
    thanks for the support man..always sendin good vibes the sour seed way..cheers man
    Hi mangled, just stopping in to say hi hope your equipment is running ok now.I'm lighting my 1000wt candle in the next day or so.its my first time with a hps! Excited but nervous my trainwreck ladies have adjusted well to the rockwool and hydroton.so far so good, just hope they make out to the end!???? They are still in their original soil from when they were in the plastic cups.I can't believe it, no root bath, nothing.was nervous a hell not only have I never done indoor, but hydro either! Its been almost two weeks! Going to look at your new picks, like I've said, I hope mine do as week as yours!!!!! Peace
    Hey mangled just a shout out! Still early where you are. Just hope all your gear is working at full capacity!!! Sounds like except for your tent you have all new gear aye!? Good luck, pics look tremendous!
    "Hi" Everyone going to transplant today!:lol2: Hope I'm not crazy for doing this! I've been conditioning my rockwool over night at a ph of 6.0 and running a 4"air stone in my water with sugar daddy and root 66. It said 10 ml each but I went a little light at 8 ml.I also had a little of my recipe in my reservoir left over that was diluted bcuz I had some fert burn on my leaf tips.don't know how to get an exact ppm reading can't afford a ppm meter yet.they look strong and healthy.still my phone won't let me upload photos!!!!!!!! Most of my roots are trying to pop out of my plastic cups! Beautiful root development!!!! Strong thick tap roots along with super fine root hairs.theyre going from a coco perlite mix, don't know the ratio I didn't do initial cloning. And theyre going in my conditioned 4"rockwell cubes hollowed a little.hope I'm coming this right????
    ~~~~~~~~~>Bath room<~~~~~.Some Come Hear To shit and Stink, Some Come Hear to Sit And Think, Well i come hear to tickle my balls and right all this bull shit on your walls LOL
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