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  • oh well guess i'll just have to start pulling strings and making visits ;)
    your a fookin pussy dood, and a thief/lier and i'll prob end up screwing your girlfriend for its all over ;)
    just fyi ;):wave:
    so you got time to get on HC but not talk to me eh? wow dood thats really fucked up-
    whats up man. Figured I'd add you as a friend. I appreciate your help through my grow. I have a hydro grow going atm as well, with my clones I took from my soil grow, and like 3 seeds so far, I have about 5 more strands coming in in the next week or 2. white widow, berry something, ak 48, 8 ball kush, and 2 suprises. Those will all be mother plants grown in soil just for the cuttings. I can't grow as much as I need though. the amount I'm going to be able to grow, I go through in 3 d ays. going for 950 a cutie down here where I stay. I'll just have to get it figured out to where I can at least get 5lbs every 2-3 months. I know that's going to require me upgrading to HPS lighting instead of fluorescent. I am in the process of venting my room to add a hps. I should have that ready b/f my hydro grow is ready to be moved to the flowering room.
    Hi I'm new to growing I see u know a lot about it Im trying to start my own lil three of four plants I'm my walkin would I b OK to grow in it with out a tent and if so how do I fix it so its right ain't got much money to blow on it so I'm trying to save as much as I can. May I use hps lights for the veg stage and the flowering stage
    Wow very nice bud..me like..lol..do u grow them on there side..i dnt see many ppl do that..have u seen that one setup with the round plant tray with the light in the middle..that look cool..i want that one..kinda like how u do it but a the light in the middle with the plants all around it
    im finally using this site on my computer, its so much better then the app on my phone lol
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