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  • Hey homie! I got seeds! A BUNCH of seeds! And I totally have a bathtub full of plants right now! Hooray! They are 4 weeks old and I'm about to move them into their new home, where they will have all the light they could possibly want. Yay plants!!! What's up with you?
    hey jim man its seth, twiztid420, its been awhile dude glad to see your still here, shits been hard 4 me i cancelled my account becuase a girl ratted me out and luckly i had already stoped my grow wen the feds came to my house, i also have divorced with my wife and i got are duaghter put with her sister by child protective services becuase i left her unetendid while trying to settle argument with the xwife,,,ive been a depressed wreck but im lookin on makin a move to oregon soon where i can grow legaly,,,how you been man? hows collage?

    ever hear from i saidello the dude still has my equipment, im pretty sure i was just str8 up ripped
    I'm well Jim, Thanks for asking. I don't know what that thing is, all I know is I want one ta Guard my plants ..

    ttyl Jim .. ..
    thanks jim. yeah ive been into srv for a while now. guy was a legend. and nice to see someone with all of his fingers green and not just the thumb!
    but ill keep you posted sensi lol
    good 2 hear from you man, ive been fine, just being patient as moves are being made so that i can get growing again, got someone growing a little bit for me right now but the big plan is that me and a friend of mine in a month or 2 will be going half on an apartment, it will be a second residency for me to grow in since i cant do it at my house with wife n baby

    so itll be nice 2 put a master bedroom 2 work soon, and after that ill probably upgrade to a house of my own 2 work in
    I was a bit sketchy on sending a big envelope of cash overseas, so I was in kind of a holding pattern. Luckily, a friend of mine is in Toronto for the summer, so I'm hoping there's a hookup to be had up there.
    i didn't know you were dunlop.. look at my grow sometime and tell me if the system looks just kinda familiar... i didn't do my sprayers from the outside.. i kept them in.. only difference lol.. thanks for the insperation
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