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  • I need medcann 2 live! pharma optns wld kill me. degen spine disease. 50 y/o disabled frmr rest G M, morph pump in my body, & endured 13 surg. was bdrddn 4 ~ 3 years & lost < 70 pounds. a hosp nurse recmndd I try cannabis–she saved my life. 2day, because of med cann, I have renewed vigor 4 life & evre day I accomplish goals my drs thght I’d never do. Rther than going throu my days in a med stupor, I’m once again a loving & dvoted fam man & father. Since the day I was able 2 get out of hosp bed, I strtd advctng 4 the med bene's. 1st few yrs, I had more doors slammed N my face than U cld imagine. As my health improved over the years, I have become more active in educ Reps in Ill & been trying 2 organize pts N2 effctve lobbying force. We have made GRT progress & R veryclose2getting legislation passed. That sd, this is IL, & we fear R state's rep 4 < "above the board" ops cld neg effect not only implmtashun but safe aXess, thx Mike Graham
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