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Big Sky
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  • Hello my friend. All is going ok I haven't been posting because I haven't been able to post pics. Been frustrated with HC because I was so excited to show off my grow. You are awesome and I appreciate all your help!!!
    That is awesome brother...I knew it would happen for ya and with the way things are going here you might see me knocking on your door.
    Big sky, you got it, you just tell me what to do bro,, soil it is.I'm a blank canvas lol! I'm looking at getting the clones around wed. I'll get the pots, should I get bigger ones? Bigger the pot, the bigger yield per plant right? I'll probably use the fox farm? Your thoughts??? Do I need coherent nutes? I might be able to trade for something dif?? Just let me know!! Thanks Big Sky, peace! Just a little side bar, is that you in the profile photo, if so" fookin"lol, AWESOME DUDE!
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