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  • yoooooooooo
    Yo Brother glad to see us back up and running...I will have to dig around and check out the new format.
    Well, .. .. .. Imma a Sorta , .. kinda back my jack .. .. .. Luv yea bro, .. n, .. Talk ta ya Soon, .. .. .. ..... Be Well fried friend .. .. .. :D
    Ment to get back to you sooner but I have a new little 1 and she's my pride and joy!
    since I've been a member here I been following you
    I hope someday I can get that good
    I'm trying to achieve the continuous grow as well
    trainwreck was my first indoor and it came out very very good
    I am a well seasoned outdoor growing
    but this indoor thing is like night and day no pun intendedLol!
    my friend was the manager down to grow shop, he move back to the Virgin Islands and left me all this new equipment, thousands of dollars worth of brand new equipment, plus what I had already bought a couple thousand dollars worth myself.
    I'm trying to find somebody with the room to allow me to do the continuous grow
    okay I'm starting to babble sorry
    I've never talk to anybody online accept for hydro Cana, I'm an old school boy lol
    but is a few people here I'd luv love to meet someday!
    thanks for all your help I'm sure I'll be calling on you again!
    No this is only my second DWC believe me I'm is novice as they come when it comes to inside growing! last grow was train wreck and it came out very very good though the yield was not as I thought it would be!
    I would love to be able to impress big Sky as well by growing his genetics to the best and to its full potential!!
    thanks for getting back to me 68 I'm doing I'm trying to do hey continuous grow like you!
    I'll tell you I watch mangled and I would love to emulate 1 of his grows!!!!
    hey thanks again for getting back to me man as always peace
    PS working on the patience lol you would think at my age I would no that lol!
    Peace again!
    hey 68 what's up just peace man here had a quick question;
    my plants seedlings are starting to turn yellow it seems to be stunted!
    my P P M 180
    my P P M makeup consist of .25 ml floraliciousPlus
    four milliliters Cal Mag plus
    Ten ml root 66
    I'm running 3 and a half gallons of water in a DWC
    switched my mH over to my T 5 just in case the light intensity was too strong
    my temp and relative humidity have been pretty much right on
    thought you might have some ideas?
    I have pics in my grow Journal if you have the time?
    just thought I'd ask thanks man
    and as always Peace man!
    Hey man..its oon man! def - got the go ahead today ;)
    just waiting on our setup now and the details etc-
    show em some of that dirty south eh :)
    once my facility is built whether it takes a year or two dayz..your hired! always have a place in co my man- be there in 3 weeks to get this shit kickin ;)
    never stop- never give up on anything man..manifest it- its all just fuckin energy -
    I left alone, .. My mind was blank, what did I see .... Maiden ....

    How the fuck r ya 68 .... Miss you the most bro, .... Straight UP ....

    Merry X Mas ta you, and your family bro ...... ... :)
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    Hey bud, .. ..

    PM me w/ any News, .. ..

    I await as You, .. ..

    *( And the Weak will Inherit the Earth ) .. ..

    LOL .. ********
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